Customer Success Operations

Full-Time in Oakland, CA

Company overview:

Promise modernizes and humanizes government payments. We are a comprehensive payments platform that increases revenue and efficiency for government agencies. We help residents navigate payments with dignity and ease to avoid the negative consequences of non-payment. Promise’s win-win services strengthen the bond between government agencies and the communities that they serve.

Role overview:

The Customer Success Operations role (CSO) provides support and leverage to the Customer Success team by designing, managing, and refining replicable systems for growth. The CSO supports the inner-workings of the team by identifying the capacity, processes, and tooling required to streamline workflows within the CS team. The CSO will work closely with the Head of Customer Success and functional leads across the business to align the CS playbook and execution strategy with current and future business needs.

What you'll do:

  • Increase client success productivity so we can maintain a small and efficient team: identify inefficiencies in client success operations and design and implement solutions
  • Collaborate with full CS team on shared workflows and process improvements including escalations, staff trainings, runbooks, script creation, etc.
  • Resource modeling: help us determine the right team across verticals, number of customers, types of client needs, time zones and operating hours, languages spoken, etc.
  • Own the Customer Success technology stack, selecting the tools and operational workflows required to optimize CS processes and deliver a strong, efficient customer experience at scale
  • Work with the Head of Customer Success and other functional leads to understand sales forecasts and KPIs in order to properly prepare the team for growth
  • Become intimately familiar with how the product performs today across different verticals, product or service offerings, client cohorts, etc. in order to build systems and processes that support how the client actually behaves, not how we wish they would behave
  • Perform all frontline support functions as needed

You’re a great fit for the role if you are:

  • A strategic operator: you can see the big (muddy) picture and break it down into its component parts, systematically working to identify and eliminate bottlenecks.
  • Highly analytical – you know how to find and use data to uncover opportunities for improvement.
  • Fond of process: you love a good flow chart or SOP that helps streamline workflows (and you also recognize that they are likely to change).
  • An excellent communicator, both written and verbal. You’re articulate and can get to the point quickly but kindly.
  • Coming from a similar role in customer success or business operations.
  • An expert multitasker: you can triage in the moment, juggling a wide variety of things that need to be fixed. You can quickly sort out priorities from noise.
  • Someone who thrives on new challenges – we are always changing and you’re up for the ride!
  • Tech savvy: you’re adept at learning new tools and technologies.
  • A good team player who people like working with.
  • Resourceful and an ‘expert learner.’ You’re naturally curious and good at figuring new things out.
  • Highly organized: you have a proven organizational system and can juggle a lot of different tasks without letting anything slip through the cracks.
  • Possessed of a strong work ethic and are self-directed: you’re quick to pivot to the 'backburner' list of projects once immediate needs are handled, and you don’t need to be told what to do next.

Compensation: competitive salary and benefits commensurate with experience